Scroll down and listen to our debut album ‘A TALENT FOR MISCHIEF'

Speaking of beautiful local music, the band A TALENT FOR MISCHIEF is an original rock trio from San Francisco - wonderfully talented individuals with a ton of original music and BOY they put on a nice live show!

                            CJ, owner, WINTERS TAVERN, Pacifica Ca.

It was great meeting you and the band. You were all FANTASTIC, and it was a GREAT success.

   Carolyn C., Events Coordinator at Springline, Menlo Park Ca.

ATFM cover 1 copy

1. BBQ in the RAIN

2. Road Trip

3. I Outlived Jesus

4. Bionic Immune System

5. Ragamuffin Vagabond

6. Mask

7. Another Plan

8. My Lover’s List

9. Baby, The Moon!

10. She Said “I’ll Pay

11. Demiurge

12. Free (Now I’m Alone)

13. Breathe

14. Manifest Destiny

15. Time Only Goes In One Direction


We’re thinking with 15 songs there’s BOUND to be a COUPLE of tracks you like! Find a couple of favorites and pass them on to your friends! It’s all free. What better way to get our music heard than by giving it away?

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